Saturday, May 14, 2005



Don Cheadle: Los Angeles Police Department homicide detective Graham Waters
Jennifer Esposito: Ria, his girlfriend and partner
Brendan Fraser: Rick Cabot, LA District Attorney
Sandra Bullock: his wife Jean
Chris "Ludacris" Bridges: Anthony, a young black
Larenz Tate: Anthony’s friend Peter
Michael Pena: Latino locksmith Daniel
Matt Dillon: LAPD Officer Jack Ryan
Ryan Phillippe: Ryan's rookie partner Hanson Thomas
Terrence Howard: TV producer Cameron
Thandie Newton: his wife Christine
Shaun Toub: Farhad an Iranian immigrant shop owner
Bahar Soomekh: his daughter

Probably no other movie explores the subject of racism as deeply as this one. We get to see seven groups of people living in Los Angeles, and how everyone has their own prejudices and intolerances. How they handle them makes for interesting comparisons. The acting throughout is uniformly excellent.

for language, nudity and violence

Near the end of the movie, a fender bender occurs when one car rear-ends another. Both drivers get out of their cars which are still within a foot of each other. As they argue about whose fault it is, the camera angle changes to an overhead shot. The cars are now four feet apart.

Never did figure out how the LAPD Internal Investigation fit into the whole scheme of things. Seems like an unnecessary diversion.

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