Sunday, February 13, 2005


  • Romantic comedy

    Will Smith: Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens, a love consultant
    Kevin James: Albert, an accountant with a big New York City firm
    Amber Valletta: Allegra Cole, one of their wealthy clients
    Eva Mendes: Sara, a gossip columnist for a NYC tabloid

    To get your moneys worth, close your eyes if the trailer appears because it includes about half the funny scenes. The whole thing is done is such a light-hearted manner it’s a joy to watch. Sure some of the situations are somewhat exaggerated, but that’s what comedy is all about. A big plus is the ending.

    for language and some strong sexual references.

    While Hitch and Albert are sitting on the steps of some big building, Albert’s suit has a spot on the left shoulder that comes and goes between shots of them talking.

    The product plug of Grey Goose vodka serves to give this movie an upper-class feel to it. Grey Goose costs way more than other vodkas. Waaaaaaay more. Like triple the price. So it must be the best vodka available people have come to believe. But vodka is a grain-neutral spirit, and by definition is odorless and tasteless. Therefore one vodka can’t be much better than the other so it’s impossible to rationalize the price difference based on quality/taste alone.

    But Sidney Frank (the marketing genius who introduced J├Ągermeister to the North America market) promoted the brand based on the following:
  • “Grey Goose comes from France, where all the best luxury products come from.
  • It’s not another rough-hewn Russian vodka—it’s a masterpiece crafted by French vodka artisans.
  • It uses water from pristine French springs, filtered through Champagne limestone.
  • It is shipped in wood crates, like a fine wine, not in cardboard boxes like Joe Schmo’s vodka.”

    Guess that’s all it takes?

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