Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Action, adventure

Ethan Hawke: Detroit Police Sergeant, Jake Roenick
Laurence Fishburne: notorious criminal, Marion Bishop
Drea de Matteo: the station secretary, Iris Ferry
Brian Dennehy: veteran police officer, Jasper "Old School" O'Shea
Maria Bello: Dr. Alex Sabian, psychiatrist

It’s an action movie all right. But not much else. However, it makes for a pretty mindless bit of entertainment with lots of shooting, shouting and swearing.

for violence and language (frequent use of the “f “ word)

From the opening helicopter shot we see on a chimney the name of the area to be Quaker City which is in Ohio and a long way from Detroit or any of its suburbs where the story takes place.

Jake gets into a fight with one of the cops and winds up with a bloody left lower lip. Shortly thereafter when he goes down to the holding cell, his lip shows no signs of damage at all.

Once the police station is under attack, it seems reasonable that someone living in the area would call the police and/or a local TV or radio station to report the sounds of gunfire and explosions. At no point in time does any public security service (police/army) or any television/radio reporter ever appear.

During the siege at the police station, several people receive critical head wounds and die. In each case the camera lingers on their face while a pool of blood gathers. Once someone dies the heart no longer pumps blood so there should be no bleeding from any wound.

Jake is leading the group through a sewer tunnel and climbs up the ladder to get out. He then pushes on the circular manhole cover and slides it to one side. These things are purposely designed to be too heavy for someone to easily remove and weigh over 100 lb. each so there is no way he could have done that alone.

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