Wednesday, January 19, 2005



This is the sequel to Meet the Parents that came out in 2000, but now it’s two years later.

Ben Stiller: male nurse Gaylord Greg Focker (aka by his father as Gay)
Robert De Niro: uptight CIA retiree Jack Byrnes
Blythe Danner: Jack’s wife, Dina
Teri Polo: their daughter Pam, and Greg’s fiancée
Spencer and Bradley Pickren: Jack and Dina's grandson, Little Jack
Dustin Hoffman: Greg’s dad, Bernie, a retired attorney
Barbra Streisand: Greg’s mother, Roz, a sex therapist

This movie is one you either love or hate. Comedy is such a personal thing that giving any kind of rating simply reflects one’s preference for a particular type of comedy. This is the kind I like.

Sure there are some potty jokes and even a couple of outrageous moments that go a little too far, but a lot of people won’t be offended by that sort of thing. In fact, many will find it hilarious.

for crude and sexual humor, language and a brief drug reference.

While Greg is taking a shift driving the RV at night, we see the passing scenery behind him. Obviously it is on a loop because the same pattern of five lights (3 yellow/orange ones in arc and below them 2 smaller ones) reappears several times while the scene plays out.

During the dinner party at the Fockers’ house, the bottle of wine in front of Bernie changes orientation by itself several times as no one touches it during that time.

Jack is told to remove his shirt so he takes it off and throws it on the floor. When the massage is finished, he gets up and leaves the room without it. In the next shot we see him going down the hallway, but somehow his shirt caught up to him and he’s now wearing it again.

While playing around with Roz, Bernie gets whipped cream on his face. Each time the camera cuts to Roz and back to him, the cream is in a different location.

The family name rhymes with hawkers, well at least it’s supposed to.

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