Wednesday, January 26, 2005


= no stars

Original title: La Mala educaciĆ³n
Sexually explicit drama
In Spanish with English subtitles

Enrique Goded: an up-and-coming Madrid filmmaker
Ignacio: Enrique's childhood schoolmate and first love
School principal Father Manolo

This is not a particularly good movie unless you are a big fan of film-noir set in the world of homosexuals. To start with, it has the most convoluted multi-layered plot in years flipping back and forth between any one of the three versions of the story. There are elements of sexual abuse with much screen time devoted to gay sex. The world of drag queens and drug addicts is very much in evidence throughout the movie.

for strong sexual content throughout, language and some drug use.

The USCCB Office for Film & Broadcasting classification is O -- morally offensive because of several intense homosexual encounters, implied pedophilia, recurring drug content, transvestism, boys masturbating, brief nudity, frequent use of rough and crude language.

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