Sunday, December 19, 2004


Original title: El Maquinista
Psychological horror thriller

Christian Bale: machine-shop operator Trevor Reznik
John Sharian: Ivan, fellow employee
Michael Ironside: Miller another co-worker
Jennifer Jason Leigh: Stevie, a sexy hooker
Aitana Sánchez-Gijón: Marie, a waitress at the airport café

This movie is not for everyone. A rather bland low budget film with a moody, sombre setting of washed out colours (to match all the washed out people?). There is a minimum of gruesome, scary bits but enough to retain its classification as a horror movie. With various clues scattered throughout the movie, the ending should not come as a great surprise to fans of this type of movie. It caught me completely off guard of course since "I never go to these type of movies".

for violence, disturbing images, sexuality and strong language.

1. When Trevor is talking to Marie out at the airport café, the digital clocks behind her show the local time and in New York City. But the clock in NYC never reflects the exact time zone difference of 3 hours: it is always a few minutes out, sometimes too early but most often too late.
2. Wanting to wash his hands thoroughly, Trevor uses the liquid lye sitting on the shelf. No body would do this because lye can be fatal if swallowed.
3. When Ivan gets hurt he falls face down; when Trevor approaches him, Ivan has somehow flipped over on to his back and his feet can be seen sticking straight up.

The lead actor lost 63 pounds for this role by eating only an apple and one can of tuna a day. Sure beats some of the well-known diet plans for getting results it seems.

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