Tuesday, December 21, 2004



Natalie Portman: Alice, a former stripper
Jude Law: Dan, an obituary writer for a London newspaper
Julia Roberts: Anna, a professional photographer
Clive Owen: Larry, a dermatologist

This one is a real shocker so be prepared.

It starts off pleasantly enough, but 30 minutes into the film two of the principals engage in explicit cybersex. Then it gets worse, much worse. Along with the dialog becoming even more vulgar, we get to see some really cruel people. They behave badly and hurt their partners, either by their actions or from the questions hurled at them.

The acting throughout is top notch which makes you forget you’re watching a movie: instead you feel like you’re overhearing your neighbours argue and yell at each other about their latest dalliances. It is emotionally draining and not a pretty sight.

for frequent use of strong sexual profanity and crude sexual slang terms, as well as explicit sexual talk, female nudity, sexual contact, drug content and one scene of violence.

1. Larry is a lefty but signs some documents with his right hand.
2. When Alice is lying on the bed, between shots her camisole shifts from being partway up her stomach and creased in the middle to being properly pulled down all nice and neat.

When it is released on DVD, I expect it will be an X rated film available in the “Adults Only” section where they keep pornographic films.

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