Tuesday, August 3, 2004



Denzel Washington: U.S. Army Captain Bennett Marco
Liev Schreiber: U.S. Army Sergeant Raymond Shaw, winner of the Medal of Honor
Meryl Streep: Senator Eleanor Prentiss Shaw, the real power behind her son’s political career
Jon Voight: Senator Jordan, up against Shaw as the running mate of the president elect
Kimberly Elise: Rosie, a grocery store clerk

The dual premise of the movie rings true: people can be manipulated and politics are controlled by big business who would like nothing better than have their own puppet in the White House.

In this case it takes Major Marco some time to uncover these truths albeit in a somewhat confusing manner. The acting throughout is excellent although Meryl Streep playing a tough bombastic politician is somewhat out of character.

for for violence and some language.

The shirt collar of Major Marco’s shirt is crinkled but when we see him in close-up it is neatly ironed.

The letter “E” in the red neon sign for the hotel is defective and blinks when Major Marco first goes there to see a former comrade; on the second visit the blinking letters are now “O” and “T”.

When Major Marco is in the police station the suit lapel of the investigator has a brown spot on it except for one scene where it is no longer visible only to return in the following shot.

There are so many plot twists and turns it’s easy to get confused. Several things to keep in mind:
 after the ambush attack during the first Gulf War, we are not sure what happened to the soldiers in Marco’s units until he experiences the flashbacks
 Manchurian is a multinational defence conglomerate (not the region in China) a world wide conglomerate that had employed a genetic scientist to do research in mind control methods so people programmed will respond to certain words and carry out the task demanded of them
 the purpose of the shoulder implant is never completely explained
 Manchurian Global is the largest single contributor to Senator Shaw’s political career and she has been told the mind control words
 Senator Jordan, after talking with Marco, knows too much for his own good
 the vice-president elect (Shaw) gets confused and stands in the location on stage designated for the president elect
 Rosie is an excellent marksman (markswoman?) and can wound a man in the shoulder preventing him from taking his own life

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