Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Action thriller

Adapted from the second of Robert Ludlum's three Jason Bourne novels.

Matt Damon: Jason Bourne, retired C.I.A.-trained assassin with serious memory problems
Franka Potente: Bourne’s girlfriend Marie
Joan Allen: Pamela Landy, C.I.A. Deputy Director
Brian Cox: Ward Abbott, C.I.A. Mission Director and Pam’s boss
Julia Stiles: Nicky, C.I.A. agent who worked with Bourne in Paris
Karel Roden: Gretkov, a Russian oil mogul
Karl Urban: Kirill, a Russian assassin working for Gretkov

Starting from a lovely seaside resort where Jason is staying with his girlfriend, we are treated to a travelogue of India, Germany, Russia, the United States, Italy and England. During this time Jason is forced out of retirement because some bad guys are pursuing him. It takes him a while to figure out they are connected with his former employer because someone there thinks he killed a couple of their agents. Jason has to resort to his famous escapes and other talents just to stay ahead of these guys. The car chases are great.

for violence, intense action, brief language.

Nicky when confronted by Jason has several strands of hair to the right side of her mouth; after a close up of Jason we see her again, now with her hair neatly in place for several scenes then once more it’s messy.

When Bourne leaves Irena Neski’s apartment and starts walking across the small park it is daytime; by the time he gets to the other side it’s dark with lights on in the apartment houses.

The hand held camera technique is used extensively and could upset some tummies.

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