Friday, June 11, 2004


Comic book super hero

Tobey Maguire: Peter Parker, delivery boy, college student, photographer for the Daily Bugle newspaper and Spiderman
Kirsten Dunst: Mary Jane Watson, actress (aka MJ)
Alfred Molina: Dr. Otto Octavius, brillant scientist (aka Doc Ock)
James Franco: Harry Osborne, Peter’s best friend and Doc Ock’s employer
Rosemary Harris: Peter’s Aunt May
J.K. Simmons: J. Jonah Jameson, the publisher of the Daily Bugle

A fine sequel with more to it than the original including lots of action (more mayhem in one day than most towns have in 10 years) taken in stride by our superhero along with dealing with a developing romance. The special effects are great although a bit overdone (obvious computer generated images sometimes when Spiderman is flying through Manhattan) but others that are so clever it’s impossible to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Some great acting by several people (Peter’s aunt, Doc Ock and the newspaper publisher). A fun movie you can’t take seriously for a minute; but that’s the whole idea.

for stylized action violence.

When the boss of the pizza parlour is talking to Peter, the clock behind him on some scenes reverts back to a earlier time.

Peter has a horseshoe shaped scar on his right cheek. In one shot we see it’s on the left cheek instead.

When the receptionist first sees Peter enter the office with the pizzas it is 2:07 but when she points out the fact he’s late the time is now 2:03.

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