Friday, June 18, 2004


Romantic comedy

Rachel McAdams: Allie, rich refined city girl
Ryan Gosling: Noah, poor country boy
James Garner: Duke, resident in a home for seniors
Gena Rowlands: another resident who suffers from senile dementia
Joan Allen: Anne, Allie’s domineering class-obsessed mother
James Marsden: Air Force Captain and handsome suitor for Allie chosen by her mother

There are few if any romantic clich├ęs not included in this movie but what makes it different is the warm relationship between the elderly couple, showing that love is not only for the young.

for some sexuality.

When Noah and Allie lay down in the middle of the street they are near the solid center line. When we see them with the traffic light in the foreground they have switched to the right lane but switch back to the center when the scene changes to ground level.

The movie Lil Abner was released in 1959 not in 1940.

After writing Allie for a year (starting in late summer) Noah’s thoughts turn to the war when Japan attacks Hawaii. That event took place in December, 12 months later not 16.

The movie takes place in South Carolina during the summer yet in several scenes we see the actors breath indicating the actual temperature was much colder than that.

Although it takes place in the south, other than the mother, no one speaks with a southern accent.

Allie’s hair style frequently changes between camera shots.

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