Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sports drama

Harrison Ford: Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey
Chadwick Boseman: baseball player Jackie Robinson
Nicole Beharie: his girlfriend Rachel
Andre Holland: sports writer Wendell Smith
Christopher Meloni: Booklyn Dodgers Manager Leo Durocher
Lucas Black: short stop Pee Wee Reese
Jonh McGinley: play-by-play announcer Red Barber
Alan Tudyk: raciest Phillies Coachr Ben Chapman
With unwavering commitment one man set out to make a change: Branch Rickey could see the future of baseball and did something about it. Fortunately one man was up to the challenge: Jackie Robinson. Rickey had the courage of his convictions and Robinson, well he had the courage.

This mostly true story of their struggle makes for an entertaining  insight into the ways of sport. Characterized by excellent acting throughout and close attention to period detail (except for one instance noted below) it runs a tad long at two hours and twenty minutes. The racist language might be disturbing to some.

for thematic elements including language.

This is one of my classic all-time favourite nitpicks: at the end of the telephone conversation Branch Rickey hangs up and Leo Durocher is left listening to the dial tone. In reality the dial tone is only heard after picking up the phone before dialling. That’s why it’s called a dial tone.

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