Sunday, March 24, 2013


 Animated comedy\adventure

Emma Stone: teenager Eep Crood
Nicolas Cage: Eep’s father Grug
Catherine Keener: Eep’s mother Ugga
Clark Duke: Eep’s 9-year-old brother Thunk
Randy Thom: Eep’s younger sister Sandy
Cloris Leachman: Eep’s grandmother Gran
Ryan Reynolds: teenager Guy
Chris Sanders: Guy’s pet sloth Belt

This story about a prehistoric family coming to terms with changing conditions borrows heavily from other movies and so lacks in originality:
  • the rebellious red-headed teenage daughter facing off against a protective parent we saw in Brave
  • rather odd looking creatures encountering one calamity after another we saw in Ice Age
  • the well worn messages about being your own person and living life to the fullest has been around for ages
 Relying upon slapstick rather than witty dialogue to appeal to the younger crowd it keeps their attention by employing the age old technique of non-stop peril. That soon becomes boring and the outcome is entirely predictable with the result there is a temptation to leave and get on with your life.

 for some scary action.

This one gets my vote as the dumbest movie title of the year. 

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