Sunday, February 10, 2013


Crime thriller

Rooney Mara: 28-year-old Emily “Em” Taylor
Channing Tatum: her husband Martin
Ann Dowd: Martin’s mother
Jude Law: psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan “John” Banks
Catherine Zeta-Jones: psychiatrist Dr. Victoria Siebert
Vinessa Shaw: Jonathan’s wife Dierdre

Too often new drugs for old problems have unfortunate side effects that can result in some very serious consequences. Given that premise, the first half of the movie unfolds pretty much in a straightforward manner. The acting by Mara and Law is particularly noteworthy although the musical score too often intrudes and makes it difficult to catch all of the dialogue.

Like any good thriller there are twists and turns but at one point (about three-quarters of the way through) there is too much rapid-fire exposition to easily grasp what has transpired.

At the risk of giving anything just let me say you should really pay attention when Emily and Jonathan are alone in the institution and she tells “her side of the story”. Miss that and you’ll exit the theatre like many people did when I saw the film asking their companion “What was that all about?” or saying things like “I don’t know what happened, do you?”

 for violence, profanity, sexual content and brief nudity.

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