Friday, January 11, 2013


Matt Damon: Steve Butler, corporate salesman for Global Crosspower Solutions
Frances McDormand: his associate Sue Thomason
Titus Wlliver: store clerk Rob
Rosemarie DeWitt: school teacher Alice
Hal Holbrook: high school science teacher Frank Yates
John Krasinski: environmental advocate Dustin Noble

Getting land owners to sign leases granting drilling rights to gas companies is controversial although there is some attempt here to present both sides of the story. The acting is uniformly good, the production values are all top-notch and the pacing is fine.

But it will be left with the viewer to decide the merits of this new process.

 for language (which makes no sense to me given that there is just one f-word)

Steve gets off the bus pulling his suitcase. He turns the corner and meets up with Sue but his wheelie is no where to be seen. It has disappeared.

Steve says “hydraulic fracturing has been used for over 50 years”. In fact fracking (the horizontal slickwater fracturing method) has been used by the industry for just 15 years. Intentional deception or a nitpick? You know which one gets my vote.

Sue and Steve are driving in an old pickup that would not meet State laws as it has no rear-view mirror in any of the head-on shots. 

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