Friday, September 14, 2012



Frank Langella: Frank, a crusty septuagenarian
James Marsden: Frank’s son Hunter, an attorney
Liv Tyler: Frank’s daughter Madison
Susan Sarandon: local librarian Jennifer
Jeremy Strong: library trustee Jake

“Set in the not too distant future”, this simple tale of an aging Frank is a bit sad as we see the effect his failing memory has on his family. However spurred on by the assistance of a robot, Frank shows some of his former spunk. Langella does a great job, nicely balancing the different personality traits the role calls for.

However this charming little film is ruined by the ending: the transition to the bucolic setting is too abrupt, totally out of sync with the rest of the film that unfolds at an unhurried pace. And then the final scene, well it needs to be rewritten big time: as one moviegoer was heard to say “it’s a real cop out leaving things that way”. I agree.

 for some language.

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