Wednesday, January 11, 2012



Matt Damon: Benjamin Mee
Colin Ford: his 14-year-old son Dylan
Maggie Jones: Dylan’s 7-year-old sister Rosie
Scarlett Johansson: head zookeeper Kelly Foster
Elle Fanning: Kelly`s 13-year-old cousin Lily Miska
Thomas Church: Benjamin’s older brother Duncan

Based on a true story the title pretty much says it all. This charming tale is very much an outing for the entire family with lots to like: a variety of animals, simple straight-forward plot, the sullen teenager, his cute sister, a love interest, arguments and reconciliations. It has it all.

You won’t be disappointed as long as you don’t set your expectations too high as there are no real surprises and everything works out according to plan, well almost everything.

However it is too long, running well in excess of two hours and there is no reason to do so. There are ample opportunities to edit out some of the slower bits and at the same time rethink the way in which Benjamin gets out of a jam. That’s a key element and shouldn’t be left to chance because there are any number of ways of handling that situation better.

for language and some thematic elements.

• While having breakfast with his brother, Benjamin's sunny side up eggs change position on the plate from one shot to another.
• His brother has a little silver container that comes and goes from one cut to another.
• Dylan speaks to Lily while it is raining and looks pathetic with his hair plastered to his forehead. After a brief cut to Lily and back to him, his forehead is no longer wet until one more cut to Lily and back to Dylan and once again his hair is plastered down.
• On more than one occasion reference is made to the zoo’s opening going to be on Saturday July 7, 2010. In actual fact July 7, 2010 was a Wednesday.

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