Sunday, September 11, 2011



Gwyneth Paltrow: Executive Director Beth Emhoff
Matt Damon: her husband Mitch
Jude Law: freelance journalist and blogger Alan Krumwiede
Laurence Fishburne: CDC Deputy Director Dr. Ellis Cheever
Kate Winslet: CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service officer Dr. Erin Mears
Jennifer Ehle: epidemiologist Dr. Ally Hextall
Marion Cotillard: Dr. Leonora Orantes, investigator with the World Health Organization
Anna Jacoby-Heron: Mitch’s teenage daughter Jory

Following the evolution of a new strain of virus is not something new so most of what we get to see is somewhat predictable. Definitely closer to the truth than earlier versions it presents a realistic picture of the situation without the usual over-the-top big time disaster scenes.

Given the complexity of the story it is fairly easy to follow although there are a few too many storylines and not all are well developed.

As this is a world-wide problem as a bonus we get a mini-travelogue along with some fine performances by Winslet and Fishburne. The jarring soundtrack can be annoying at times.

for disturbing content and some language.

Beth phones the hotel front desk and says she’s “calling from room 812” which conventionally would be on the 8th floor but moments later she looks out the window and at best she’s on the 4th floor.

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