Monday, August 8, 2011



David Carr: Media columnist
Bruce Headlam: Media editor
Richard Perez-Pena: Media reporter
Tim Arango: Media reporter
Brian Stelter: Media reporter
Andrew Ross Sorkin: Financial columnist
Bill Keller: Executive editor

Given that the Internet is surpassing print as our main news source and newspapers everywhere are going bankrupt this film is very timely particularly with its promise to tell it like it is. Certainly this is a worthwhile project to show how The New York Times is trying to survive in this day of changing readership habits. But it is too ambitious: there are a dozen stories that are touched upon, about half only briefly.

However the viewer of necessity must have the background knowledge to fill in the blanks that are sadly missing in these snippets. It’s very frustrating when you’re left wondering “Now what was that all about?” or thinking “What has Watergate got to do with today’s’ situation?”.

By trying to cover too much ground and hopping around from one subject to another we are left to sort out this puzzlingly jumble of story lines. That shouldn’t be: someone needs to edit out the tangential bits and come up with a movie that stays on track. That’s what the editors of The New York Times would have done.

for language.

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