Monday, July 4, 2011


84th Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role


Ewan McGregor: 38-year-old graphic designer Oliver
Christopher Plummer: his 75 year-old father Hal
Mary Page Keller: Georgia, Hal’s wife (and Oliver’s mother)
Keegan Boos: young Oliver
Mélanie Laurent: Oliver’s new friend Anna, a French actress
Goran Visnjic: Hal’s new friend Andy

A very unconventional film, by turns funny and moving, yet it is also somewhat disturbing and leaves a few questions unanswered. At the heart of it is the central theme that it’s never to late to start anew as a beginner. It is definitely a film for the more discerning movie-goer.

Much of the story is told in flashbacks to Oliver’s youth and the more recent past using readily identifiable cues to keep things sorted out. The acting is uniformly good with superb performances from McGregor, Plummer and Laurent.

for language and some sexual content.

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