Saturday, June 19, 2010


Animated adventure

John Morris: 17-year-old Andy
Laurie Metcalf: his mom
Tom Hanks: Woody the Cowboy
Tim Allen: Spaceman Buzz Lightyear
Joan Cusack: Jessie the Cowgirl
Don Rickles: Mr. Potato Head
Estelle Harris: Mrs. Potato Head
Jodi Benson: Barbie doll
Wallace Shawn: Rex the Dinosaur
Blake Clark: Slinky Dog
John Ratzenberger: Hamm the Piggybank
Ned Beatty: Lots-o-Huggin’ Bear aka “Lotso”
Michael Keaton: Ken
Teddy Newton: Chatter Telephone
Emily Hahn: Bonnie
Timothy Dalton: Mr. Pricklepants
Kristen Schaal: Trixie the girl Dinosaur

Although less witty than the first two installments and without the double entendre for “adults only” it more than makes up for these shortcomings with a more interesting story, one filled with adventure, comedy and romance.

As usual the animation is nothing short of perfection, something we’ve come to expect from Pixar Studios.

One caveat: the garbage collection center sequence may be too scary for some kids but it’s hard to tell for sure in a darken movie theatre: if so, they all seem to have recovered by the time the end credits appeared.


Save yourself some money and don’t bother seeing it in 3-D as there only one or two scenes where it adds anything to the viewing experience and as with all 3-D it suffers from a less brilliant palette than in the traditional format.

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