Thursday, July 16, 2009


Science fiction

Sam Rockwell: Sam Bell, contract employee with Lunar Industries
Kevin Spacey: his "assistant" the computer GERTY
Dominique McElligott: Sam’s wife Tess

With the knowledge gained from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey a certain element of dread underlies the actions of GERTY, Sam’s only companion on the Moon station. Other than that most of the film is devoted to Sam’s daily routine and it’s only at the half-way point that there is any new development.

So you have to be patient since not much else happens: no battle scenes, no explosions, no impending disaster. There’s just Sam and GERTY, which is hardly enough.

for language.
That’s got to be a mistake: there are more swear words in most PG rated movies than in this one, nothing sexual and no violence which are generally the earmarks for a classification of this sort.

1. Sam puts a bandage on his hand after scalding himself with hot water. The bandage does not stay in place and “moves” closer or farther away from his knuckles between different scenes.
2. Sound needs a medium to propagate and cannot travel in a vacuum. The Moon has an atmosphere so thin as to be almost negligible so you would not hear the sound of the hatch being slammed shut when Sam is checking out the equipment.
3. In the replay of Sam’s conversation with Eve there is no pause before he asks “Are you sure?”. But in the original transmission, the pause is at least 5 seconds long.

There are eight known isotopes of helium, but only helium-3 and helium-4 are stable. Helium-3 (written 3He) is present on Earth only in trace amounts. The Moon’s surface contains helium-3 at concentrations in the order of 0.01 ppm, far more than on Earth. A number of people, starting with Gerald Kulcinski in 1986, proposed mining the helium-3 as a safe and clean source of energy when used as fuel in a nuclear fusion process.

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