Saturday, October 11, 2008


Romantic comedy

 500,000 rupees is worth approximately US$10,000 (4,000 rupees about US$80)
 MPI (Minutes Per Incident) is the company’s key performance indicator
 In India a person’s so-called "good name" is their first name
 Cardamom is a ginger-smelling spice

Josh Hamilton: Todd Anderson, Manager of a customer call center
Matt Smith: Dave, the big boss of American Novelty Products
Asif Basra: Todd’s replacement Purohit N. Virajnarianan
Ayesha Dharker: Asha, the call center’s most experienced employee

Lower labour costs are the prime reason most companies enter into an agreement to subcontract jobs offshore to a third-party. Obviously there is nothing funny about the practice of outsourcing to the person who has lost their job so the humour in this little film comes about from the situation and not at the expense of those out of work. But it is funny in a “small-smile” way rather than the “laugh-out-loud” sort. This is far more real than the usual sit-com type. And speaking of real, the romantic part is just that too.

This is a thoroughly entertaining movie about a business practice usually seen in a negative light.

for some sexual content.

 When Todd arrives at the rooming house the wide shoulder pad has slid down the strap attached to his briefcase. Following a brief view of the landlady then back to Todd we see that the pad has moved up on its own where it should be.
 Todd calls his boss and after a brief conversation Dave hangs up and all we hear is the dial tone. But when a call is terminated the line simply goes dead; we would hear nothing. The dial tone is heard before dialling.
 From the shot over his shoulder it is evident that Todd has taken a really big bite out of his hamburger. However when the camera shifts so we see Todd face on, the hamburger has yet to be bitten into.

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