Saturday, September 6, 2008


Mostly in Hindi with English subtitles

Rupinder Nagra: Amal Kumar, an auto rickshaw driver in New Delhi
Koël Purie: Pooja Sethone of Amal’s regular clients, owner of a small business
Naseeruddin Shah: Mr. Jayaram, not one of Amal’s regulars
Tanisha Chatterjee: 10-year-old ? Priya
Seema Biswas: Ms. Sapna Agarwal, an estate lawyer
Roshan Seth: Suresh, one of her employees
Vik Sahay: Suresh’s nephew, Vivek Jayaram
Amardeep Jha: Amal’s mother, Radha

This is a simple tale about someone who chooses to live a modest life serving others. The leisurely pace of the story contrasts sharply with the hectic traffic Amal deals with daily. The acting for the most part is quite good although there are moments when it feels a little unreal. One other thing: greater effort should have gone into the post-production editing phase as some scenes drag on a bit.


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