Monday, August 4, 2008


Original title: La graine et le mulet
In French with English subtitles

Habib Boufares: 60-year-old Slimane Beiji
Bouraouia Marzouk: his ex-wife Souad
Farida Benkhetache: Slimane’s daughter Karima
Hatika Karaoui: Slimane’s lover Latifa
Hafsia Herzi: her daughter Rym

We all have busy lives and have to budget our time. One thing I suggest you should do today is stay away from this movie. It is terrible and such a waste of time.

Shot entirely with a hand-held camera (and not a very steady one at that) it moves at a ponderous pace with long, interminably long, takes. Patience (lots of it) is an absolute requirement for viewing as nothing it seems has been edited out and we get to see the film just as it was shot.

At the risk of giving away the plot during the 45 minutes I sat through the film the following transpired: an old-time employee is told he is to be laid off, he talks with some buddies on the wharf, visits his ex’s place, visit’s his daughter’s place, goes home, visits his lover, has a beer and then back to his daughter’s place.

The two principal subjects of conversation were about fish and the toilet training of the man’s 2-year-old granddaughter; both bore me to tears.

I haven’t got time for this. Few people do.

for brief sexual situations.

Four people before me and three others left when I did; each of us forsaking the $11 spent to see the film. At that rate the theatre would certainly be empty before the end credits.

I checked it out and the film runs for over 2 and a half hours!

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