Thursday, July 3, 2008



James McAvoy: 25-year-old Account Manager Wesley Gibson
Angelina Jolie: Fox
Morgan Freeman:Sloan, leader of the Fraternity

With the target audience being young adult males, the movie panders to their base emotions and/or less noble desires such as having sex with their best friend’s girl, beating someone to a pulp just to toughen them up, telling the boss where to stuff it. Frequent use of the f-word, fast cars, gratuitous sex, lots of gadgets and gizmos serves only camouflage the fact the story line is practically non existent.

As far as acting goes, forget it. Jolie has little to say and so her acting is mostly pouting and sometimes demurely blinking her eyes. Her most significant contribution to the film is a lingering backside view of her as she leaves the hot tub.

For the first half of the film McAvoy is mostly called upon to grimace and make distorted facial expressions of terror. The other scenes with him at home and at work are pathetic.

I might have stuck it out to the end but frankly I just got fed up seeing one bloody brutal scene after another. We all have our limits hey?

for strong bloody violence throughout, pervasive language and some sexuality.

Mr. X’s tie is somewhat askew while standing in the elevator but then he quickly leaves and winds up to the roof of the Memorial Building. And now his tie is perfectly in place.

Wesley picks up his prescription medicine at the drug store and when he places the bottle on his desk we can see that it is not his name on the label (instead it’s a Jeremy something).

At one point Wesley gets a sharp crack across the bridge of his nose leaving a red cut. Several scenes later it has disappeared only to reappear a couple of scenes later on.

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