Wednesday, January 16, 2008



Morgan Freeman: automobile mechanic Carter Chambers
Beverly Todd: his wife Virginia
Jack Nicholson: self-made billionaire Edward Cole
Sean Hayes: Edward’s assistant Thomas

Although it gets off to a slow start, once the two ol’ geezers get going it’s a fun ride before they kick the bucket. Not that it is without some rough spots though as the whole premise could be seriously questioned. But hey, that’s what movies are all about.

As a combination buddy-movie and travelogue it works very well. Both leads are at the top of their form and there seems to be real chemistry between them, which adds to the movie experience.

for language, including a sexual reference.

 When Edward is standing at the end of the bed the TV program Jeopardy is on the monitor behind him. The contestant on the right continues to get the right answer apparently as her winnings increase from $2,400 to $3,200. But a change in the camera angle wipes out most of her winnings as she is back to $2,600.
 While flying in Edward’s private jet he is holding a book with his index finger between the pages marking his place. When seen from Carter’s point of view Edward is holding the book in the more usual manner, in the palm of his hand with his thumb keeping the pages open.
 During dinner at a posh restaurant Carter leaves the table with his wineglass half-empty. In the reaction shot of Edward the glass is almost full to the brim.
 Each time we see the list it has changed from the previous viewing with some items coming and going, others crossed off with one line or sometimes two.

Carter's story about the coffee beans is true according to

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