Monday, February 19, 2007


Romantic comedy

Hugh Grant: Alex Fletcher, former lead singer of a popular musical group
Chris Riley: his agent Brad Garrett
Drew Barrymore: Sophie Fisher, a replacement plant-waterer
Kristen Johnston: her older sister Rhonda
Haley Bennett: Cora Corman, teenage singing superstar

More often than not romantic comedies aren’t. Usually one of the two elements is missing but not this time. There are enough one-liners and innuendo to keep you smiling (and maybe even a real laugh once in a while) and the romance part is not so overdone that it is believable. How refreshing.

for some sexual content.

Brad comes into Alex’s kitchen and puts his can of Coke down on the counter so that the brand name can be clearly seen. Neither one touches it but when they leave the can is now turned around and the label is no longer visible.

Alex and Sophie have a lengthy discussion in a coffee shop. The camera shots over his shoulder looking at her have his right hand holding his coffee cup but shots from her perspective have his hand in his lap.

Sophie has a large tea in front of her. Although she doesn’t touch the cup, it gets turned around so sometimes we don’t see the name of the coffee shop on it.

After giving a concert, Sophie holds out an unopened bottle of water to Alex while he is talking. The very next shot he finishes his sentence to take a drink from it since the top somehow got removed in mid sentence.

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