Thursday, August 3, 2006



Ian McShane: former investigative reporter Joe Strombel
Scarlett Johansson: Sondra Pransky, an American student journalist
Woody Allen: Sid Waterman, a vaudeville magician, the Great Splendini
Hugh Jackman: prominent wealthy aristocrat Peter
Julian Glover: his father Lord Lyman

It is usually not a good sign when someone has more than one role in the production of the movie: in this instance, Woody Allen is writer, director and actor. He does none of them well. The writing is replete with goofy one-liners that are mildly amusing at best and the story line seems déjà vu. As the director he should have reshot many scenes with Scarlett Johansson in them because her acting is not up to par, seemingly just going through the motions (at least for the first half). And as actor, what can you say? Woody Allen does his thing and it’s often annoying, especially his habit of repeating himself ad nauseam.

for sexual situations, profanity

While Sondra and Sid are walking quickly past the dental office you can catch a glimpse of the cameraman’s reflection in the windows behind them.

While having breakfast, Sondra’s glass of orange juice is one third empty when viewed from Sid’s perspective. But seen from behind Sondra, it is almost completely full.

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