Sunday, June 11, 2006


Animated comedy

Owen Wilson: Lightning McQueen, car #95 a rookie NASCAR-type race car
Michael Keaton: car #86 a racing veteran, Chick Hicks
Richard Petty: car #43 The King a former series winner, a 1970 Plymouth
John Ratzenberger: Mack the truck
Michael Wallis: the Sheriff, a 1949 Mercury police cruiser
Larry the Cable Guy: Mater the tow truck
Bonnie Hunt: Sally Carrera the motel owner, a Porsche 911
Paul Newman: Doc Hudson the town judge, a 1951 Hudson Hornet
George Carlin: Fillmore, a 1960 Volkswagen bus
Paul Dooley: his neighbour Sarge, a 1942 WWII Willys Army jeep
Cheech Marin: Ramone, a 1959 Chevy low-rider
Jenifer Lewis: his wife the owner of Flo’s V-8 CafĂ©, a 1950’s show car
Tony Shalhoub: Luigi the owner of Casa Della Tires, a 1959 Fiat 500
Guido Quaroni: Guido, his forklift buddy
Guest “appearances” by race car drivers Mario Andretti, Darrell Waltrip, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Michael Schumacher, sports broadcaster Bob Costas and late night TV host Jay Leno

Although geared to people of all ages, young children will probably be bored after the first 10 minutes once the action leaves the race track and becomes a story about new friendships and misadventures. For the most part it moves along at a good clip but at two hours it is simply too long. There are few outright laughs but certainly a lot of amusing and clever things throughout the movie. The animation is first rate and even has something new: reflections off the shiny bits.

Neatly woven into the story are several important lessons: the need to be dedicated and to be hard-working, to be loyal and to accept the fact that winning is not everything.


Some of the sight gags include the scrolling news headlines on television appropriately labelled Braking News.
It’s worth while sticking around for one last chuckle following the end credits.

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