Friday, March 31, 2006



Clive Owen: ringleader Dalton Russell
Denzel Washington: NYPD hostage negotiator Detective Keith Frazier
Chiwetel Ejiofor: his partner, Det. Bill Mitchell
Willem Dafoe: Captain John Darius, Command Post communications officer
Christopher Plummer: Arthur Chase, Chairman of the Manhattan Trust Bank
Jodie Foster: Madeline White, a New York City behind-the-scenes power broker

This is a beautifully executed, not too “over the top” movie with excellent acting throughout. It is well written having very few totally implausible situations so common with films of this sort. With enough red herrings and some unexpected turn of events, it makes for an enjoyable outing.
One other thing you might note: by removing their masks and being thrown in with the hostages, the gang members later appear to be one of them. This pays off big time later.

for language (the f-word a couple of times) and some violent images (not really that bad). By contrast, the frequent ethnic and gender slurs may be offensive to some people and perhaps a better basis for this classification?

The scenes shot in dark grainy sepia tones are post-action interviews that actually take place following the event.

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