Thursday, February 2, 2006


Animated cartoon

Anne Hathaway: Red, the distributor of Granny's cookies and cakes
Patrick Warburton: the Wolf
Glenn Close: Granny
John Belushi: the Woodsman who makes his living driving a schnitzel stick truck
Xzibit: Police Chief Grizzly
Anthony Anderson: Detective Bill Stork
David Ogden Stiers: Inspector Nicky Flippers
Cory Edwards: Twitchy, the hyperactive squirrel
Benjy Gaither: Japeth, a singing goat
Andy Dick: Boingo, a cute little bunny

This is not your traditional storybook version of Little Red Riding Hood. It’s more like a TV whodunit with each of the four principals involved in the “crime” telling their version of the days events. With a heavy emphasis on the music soundtrack (from melodious to melancholy) there are moments of hilarity scattered about. Although marketed for kids, it’s geared more for adults.

for some mild action and thematic elements.

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