Tuesday, December 20, 2005



Jack Black: movie director Carl Denham
Naomi Watts: Ann Darrow, vaudeville stage actress
Adrien Brody: Jack Driscoll, playwright
Thomas Kretschmann: Captain Englehorn, skipper of the tramp steamer the S.S. Venture
Colin Hanks: Carl’s production assistant, Preston
Evan Parke: Hayes, the Venture's first mate
Andy Serkis: Lumpy, the one-eyed cook
Jamie Bell: Jimmy, the youngest deckhand aboard the Venture
Andy Serkis: King Kong

A wonderful classic story with unbelievable special effects. The movie has a lot going for it but lacks sorely in editing and that takes away some of the pleasure of seeing it.

There is simply too much of everything. Just about every scene is drawn out and far too long. Instead of being a really entertaining movie, it becomes one of endurance.

for frightening adventure violence and some disturbing images (particularly for those who have Insectophobia)

 Looking at Times Square in the direction of Lower Manhattan, Madison Square Garden is on your right not towards the left as shown by the arrow on one of the billboards.
 After falling down while doing her act, there is some mud on Ann’s forehead which disappears in the following scene when she looks up for approval.
 There are 102 floors, not 101 as shown on the elevator indicator in the lobby of the Empire State Building.

At three hours and seven minutes in length, this is one really long movie. And that’s not even counting the closing credits which go on for another twelve minutes.

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