Saturday, July 2, 2005


Romantic comedy

In 1964, Elizabeth Montgomery launched into television stardom as the beguiling and likable Samantha Stephens. The series Bewitched ran until 1972 for an incredible 254 episodes and solidified its place in the pantheon of TV legends.

Nicole Kidman: Isabel Bigelow, new arrival in town (the San Fernando Valley)
Will Ferrell: Jack Wyatt, an arrogant washed-up actor
Jason Schwartzman: Jack’s manager Ritchie
Michael Caine: Isabel’s father Nigel
Kristin Chenoweth: Isabel’s neighbor Maria.
Shirley MacLaine: Iris Smythson, an actress playing the role of Endora
Steve Carell: Uncle Arthur

Sometimes it’s hard to improve on the original. Such is the case with this movie. In addition, Will Farrel quickly becomes very annoying as a pushy “star” of the new TV series and even resorts to doing his thing (running around nude). Nicole Kidman as a sweet, innocent newcomer almost makes up for his antics. Almost.

for some language, including sex and drug references, and partial nudity.

The movie has more blatant product placement than any other I’ve seen lately including the Volkswagen bug, Green Giant canned vegetables, Paul Newman’s Own Popping Corn, a retail store called Bed Bath and Beyond, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee shop etc etc

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