Tuesday, April 26, 2005



Iraq has become the new training ground for terrorists, replacing Afghanistan. It is a place where terrorists can experiment with new tactics to use against U.S. forces using live targets. Those live targets include Iraqi civilians and the soldiers shown in this film.

In September 2003, four months after the end of "major combat” in the U.S.A.-led war on Iraq, a small camera crew followed a group of soldiers showing us what they are now doing having "won the war". In addition to their role as police officers, social workers, crowd-control specialists and bomb-disarmers they take part in street patrols and raids. But these patrols and raids all look alike so it becomes monotonous after a while.
One telling point about how these men see themselves:“we’re not here fighting to protect our country, we’re here fighting to stay alive”.

on appeal for strong language throughout, violent situations and some drug references.

The bombed out palace of Uday Hussein became the headquarters of the United States Army's 2/3 Field Artillery unit – a group called "gunners" - hence the name of the movie.

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