Sunday, October 24, 2004


Original title: Diarios de motocicleta
In Spanish with English subtitles

Based on Guevara's personal diary, which he kept during his travels and later published as well as his friend Granado's memoir Con el Che por America Latina. Guevara later went on to become better known as Che (for his habit of ending his sentences with that and calling his friends 'Che'- which is an Argentinean expression for buddy). He gained international fame (or notoriety?) by fighting alongside Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro before moving on to do battle in Bolivia, where he died violently, reportedly at the hands of the C.I.A.

Gael Garcia Bernal: Ernesto Guevara, a 23-year old medical student
Rodrigo de la Serna: his 29-year old biochemist friend Alberto Granado

The movie takes place in 1952 and chronicles the travels of two friends who are out to see the world. Although they have a few scheduled stops in mind, most of the story takes place during the unplanned encounters on their trip around the South American continent. It also makes for a wonderful travelogue and some of the scenery is simply stunning. The movie finishes near the end of their journey and says nothing of what impact they have on the world after that.

which is totally unwarranted and out of line for the occasional f-word and one instance of sexual innuendo.

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